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I have to admit that I'm NOT looking forward to the possibility of a PvP reputation system. PvP is an OPTIONAL aspect of the game. A lot of people, like myself, don't want to have to PvP in order to get stuff.
I also have little interest in PvP (I really dislike MMO PvP) but I can't see an issue here: what's available in the Omega and Romulan stores is more than man enough for any part of the game, even the Fleet gear is, so missing out on new equipment that you don't need is hardly a big loss. If you really want it then you'll have to PvP to get it, just as those that don't like PvE had to PvE to get the STF gear so they could have the best equipment available to them for PvP.

TBH I'd be more concerned if I did like PvP: there's going to be a massive number of leachers in every match trying to get the gear with no effort on their part.

Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
*sigh* I don't know why I'm bothering. The high lords of PvP will start crying and PvP reputation will happen, just like their whining resulted in tricobalt nerfs.
Tric Torpedoes didn't need that last fix but mines definitely did. When I can out damage good Tac Escorts in a Sci ship with Tric Mines, Chroniton Spread and Grav Well there's a problem. I'm not actually seeing this huge nerf anyway, they're just as nasty now but lack the huge overkill spikes they once had but in return can be dropped twice as often. My Sci Vesta is still running a [CrtD]x3 out back with a DPB2, it may not be what it once was but it's still the most potent weapon I can put in the aft slot.
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