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02-26-2013, 08:54 AM
I have a thought although I don't know if it would be be classified as short, medium, or long-term request but it would be an optional red-shirt difficulty setting for missions and it would depend on how attentive the player is on making sure his BOFF is properly equipped to handle the danger on the mission or how quickly the player can revive the Boff if the BOFF is incapacitated. If the player fails to act expeditiously, the BOFF could die.

At the conclusion of the mission, whether the mission itself is a success or a failure, the game could go to a cutscene on the ship's torpedo deck with the player's toon saying a few words in the presence of his surviving BOFFs and other ships crew. This would be followed by a shot of the player's ship shooting a single photon torpedo into space.

Of course this would leave an open slot for the player to recruit a new BOFF and all the old BOFF's gear would be automatically placed in inventory.