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*U.S.S. Excalibur, Deck 8. Ensign Forbes is one of the Excalibur's Maintenance Engineers, and is one of few crew members who was present at Charis IX.

1 year earlier. The U.S.S. Garret Anderson enters orbit above Charis IX. Forbes is in the Shuttlebay when 2 Security Officers walk past.*

Security 1: Any idea who'd attack such an isolated neutral planet?

Security 2: The Signal didn't say. All it said was they were under attack. I heard from Commander Davis that there's no one alive down there.

Forbes: There are over 8 Billion inhabitants!

*The Security Officers turn around to face him.*

Sorry, couldn't help overhearing.

Security 1: Hey Forbes. Yeah, I know right? There's no radiation in the atmosphere, no sign of bombardment, and the population died too fast for it to be a bio-weapon. I had no idea Preston's forces had that kind of weaponry.

Security 2: Maybe it wasn't Preston?

*All Forbes can think about is the story of Taron VIII, 100 years ago. Everyone on the planet was wiped out without a trace by some ancient race, but he couldn't remember which. It was before the Shadow War broke out.*

Security 1: Gimme a break! He's been trying to get his mitts on this system for months!

Forbes: I think he's right. It seems to big a scope for Preston. Deis II is one thing. He was at the Diadact's side. But personally ordering the execution of a whole planet?

Security 2: One thing's for sure; whoever did this, it's made the Bolarus Massacre look like a bar room brawl.

There aren't even any solid remains down there. The buildings look like they've never been touched. All that's left of the people are ashes.

Forbes: Who would do that?

Security 2: The Charans are one of the oldest space-faring races ever encountered. They stay in their own system, but they've been warp capable for at least 2000 years. Maybe they p***ed someone off long ago.

*Suddenly, the Red Alert Klaxon sounds.*

Captain *Over comm*: Red ALert! All hands to Battle Stations! Republic Warships approaching!

Security 1: I told you!

*The Security Officers run out while Forbes closes the panel on the Runabout he was working on and picks up his tool box.*

Forbes: Forbes to Engineering, standing by for assignment.

*Present Day. Forbes puts his tool box down and enters a Jefferies Tube. He opens a panel and begins inspecting the Plasma Conduit.*

Forbes: Forbes to Engineering.

Engineering *Over comm*: Go ahead Ensign.

Forbes: I'm at the Plasma Junction. It looks like the Phase-converter is misaligned. I'm fixing it now.

Engineering *Over comm*: Understood. Keep us apprised, we're still at Battle Stations.

Forbes: Got it. Forbes out.

*OOC: Allen suggested we do a few side stories following characters not involved in the main story. He can describe it in better detail, but it's very similar to the concept of Babylon 5: S5 E4 "A view from the Gallery" (Logan may know what I mean).

I decided to use one to add depth to the Charis IX massacre and open up a future storyline I had planned. One that's a bit more in line with the idea will follow.*

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