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02-26-2013, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
I was not on the project at launch, and I never worked at Perpetual, but yes, my understanding is that Perpetual had a contract to put the game out by sometime in 2009. When it was obvious they were going belly up, CBS offered the license up for grabs, but under the condition that whoever picked it up had the same deadline that Perpetual always had. Of course we asked for extensions and such, and we did get a short extension, but that was it.

My point is that while Perpetual made some beautiful concept art, there was no game there. People who talk about how great a hypothetical Perpetual version of STO would have been are fooling themselves. If Cryptic had not picked up STO where it lay, and carried it the short distance we were told, there would be no STO.
You did a good job with little time. However, I have a question, do you guys even wondered what you would have done, if you were the one that started working on STO, instead of perpetual, and having all this time ? Do you think you would have done the same game, more or less, or do something different ? I don't say something better, simply different.