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02-26-2013, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by merryprankster2 View Post
TOS: Kirk, and crew. StarFleet. Including theatrical releases.

TNG: Picard, and crew. StarFleet. Also including movies.

DS9: Sisko, and crew. StarFleet.

STV: Janeway, and crew. StarFleet.

STE: Archer, and crew. StarFleet.

Doesn't seem to be any focus on either empire, or it's captains, except as supporting roles/characters. It's Star Trek, after all. Not Glory of the Klingon Empire, or Sins of the Romulan Star Empire. Just sayin' ...
Have you actually read my post?

Oh, BTW if you want things to be like in the shows we should only be allowed to play human characters.
Because that's what all those commanding officers you listed are.
That what the focus of the shows was on.
That was also the tagline of the first movie: "The human adventure is just beginning".
So logically we should delete or convert all the non-human characters so things are more like in the shows.

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