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02-26-2013, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by uss917019 View Post
What I have notice is that when you get out of range of the enemie and you shot it does no damage at all but when the Borg shoots and when they pass the range (10km) they continue at you and come invisible and destroy you
The "Hit / Miss" is calculated at the time of firing. If you move outside of 10km after the shot happened, you will still be hit. I have seen team mates being chased by plama torpedo spread when they try to use EM to escape and are changing direction sharply.

Energy weapons damamge varies over distance. But is the distance at the time of firing or distance the shot has travelled. I'm guessing it's at time of firing. So if you're using EM of RS to escape from a close distance, you will still be hit hard. And as RS drains your shield power it will punch straight through whatever shield you have left. Very different from you shooting at exterme range.

I also have a feeling that the shield facing being struck is also fixed at time of firing, but I need to test / investigate this more. I noticed this last night when I was taking heavy plasma canon damage from the gate. I used EM to turn sharply and saw the shot curve around my ship to hit a shield facing that was not directly between me and the gate anymore.

Not sure about shots becoming invisible after a certain distance. It may the case and something I can test. It would make sense that is the case. The animation and combat calculation system seem to have a loose association rather than a tight one. But that is hardly surprising.