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Originally Posted by magniacapra View Post
Question, would you be better off with a cutting beam/mines instead of a turrets?
Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
Mines have no drain, so if you're able to get full DPS out of them you'd be better off. If you can't hit anything with them, then probably not.

The Cutting Beam is superior to a turret for STFs regardless of any power drain mechanics, due to targets with lots of hulls. There's also no travel time and it fires fairly quickly. Mine parses generally at x1.5 to x2 the damage of one turret.
Keep in mind, however, that Cutting Beam benefits from NO tactical consoles. If I recall, the Turrets end up being better than the Cutting Beam because of the tactical console stack.

Also, it doesn't get any benefits from Cannon or Beam skills.

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