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Originally Posted by millimidget View Post
How exactly does it work? Is there any sort of threat reduction associated with it, or is it literally just 2s where the enemy can't target you? Would an NPC still attack you if you're the only enemy in range, or do they start wandering off towards the next target for 2s? Is there an internal cooldown on it, does it apply an immunity buff after it expires, or none of the above?
Pretty much your questions answered it.

It's a placate, so the enemy cannot target you at all, even if you are alone. They generally tend to sit there for a moment, since it is only 2 seconds still, and not really wander off, but whether they shoot someone else depends on the threat level you had on them (In PvE that is).

Example: If you placate a big bad tac cube who was on your butt before, chances are he'll still be wanting to shoot you after it's done.

Now yes, after the placate is done, it does give a 12 second immunity. Also, it only works on the enemy/enemies you are shooting. If you're focused on the tac cube, and he has a couple sphere buddies along, those spheres can still shoot at you unless of course you manage to placate them as well.

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