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Originally Posted by merryprankster2 View Post
TOS: Kirk, and crew. StarFleet. Including theatrical releases.

TNG: Picard, and crew. StarFleet. Also including movies.

DS9: Sisko, and crew. StarFleet.

STV: Janeway, and crew. StarFleet.

STE: Archer, and crew. StarFleet.

Doesn't seem to be any focus on either empire, or it's captains, except as supporting roles/characters. It's Star Trek, after all. Not Glory of the Klingon Empire, or Sins of the Romulan Star Empire. Just sayin' ...
According to memory alpha. Episodes on klingons (suppossedly excluding Worf and Belana)

TOS 7 out of 80
TNG 31 out of 176
DS9 49 out of 173
VOY 14 out 168
ENT 11 out of 97
TAS 2 out of 22
FILMS 7 out of 11

For and total of 121 out of 727 episodes and films over the decades.

So I do not find it presumptiuos that we fans of the Klingons wish for a fully functional faction to enjoy.

This doesnt even include the other races, Orions, Gorn and Naucicans which have made plenty of appearances of thier on over the decades. Im sure they would like a full fleshed faction as well.

So while the humans are the focus of the IP, we other races are now more than support characters. I still see no reason why in the open game we should hold our hats in hand and not expect more considering our decades of faithful fandom.
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