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Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
Tractor Beams should be in relation to the two ships. You can "hold" the target, but only in relation to you.

A danube shuttle trying to "hold" a cube will maintain position with the cube, but end up getting dragged along because the cube's not really being slowed down much.
"Realistically", Tractor Beam strength is determined by 2 factors: Mass of the object being tractored + energy output of the tractor beam. If the energy output is greater than the maximum mass that can be tractored, the object can be held, dragged or pushed. If the energy output is lower, the beam has little (if any) effect.

Galaxy Class tractoring a Shuttle --> Fully possible
Delta Flyer tractoring a Borg Sphere --> Not possible
Borg Cube tractoring a Sovereign Class --> Fully possible

To counter the tractoring effect, you would need to remodulate your shields / rotate shield frequencies. And even then, if the energy output of the tractor beam is greater than your energy output, it's not guaranteed that you'll be able to break the tractor lock.