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02-26-2013, 10:02 AM
Personally, I always choose damage in space and survivability on the ground.

Dying on the ground is easy and reduces your damage to zero. I see the challenge of ground gameplay as being to stay alive. More damage generally doesn't save a lot of time on the ground because enemies die so quickly anyway.

In space, dying is infrequent and not dying mainly relies on gameplay and a few specific skills whereas dealing enough damage is the challenge. Additionally, whereas there are a handful of kits/weapons that make noticeable damage differences on the ground, people's space damage is all over the map.

I see the key to distinguishing yourself on the ground is largely not dying (and then hokey pokey on a few STF optionals). The key to distinguishing yourself in space is killing faster.

It's rare that anyone will yell at you for not doing enough damage on the ground or not killing fast enough if you're using blue or better weapons of the appropriate Mk. It's more likely that your death will inconvenience people.

In space, sure, death inconveniences people but not doing enough damage is a bigger risk because the damage spread between ships/players/weapons are so large.