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Originally Posted by voyagerfan9751 View Post
You do realize this isn't technically a "Cruisers" Wallpaper. It is a wallpaper of all ships in starfleets history that have been named "Enterprise".

As for a KDF version, while I am all for a little love for the KDF side, in this case the specific theme doesn't not really led itself to a "KDF version"

Whether it is a weakness of the TV shows being Starfleet centric or not, the KDF does not have an identifiable Ship like the Enterprise. So even having a "Cruiser" wallpaper (d7, Vorcha, Neghvar, Bortas) isn't quite the same.

Yes We DO... it is known as the "Vengence" and much like your federations "Enterprise" is the product of a popular entertainment program "Battlecriuser Vengence.. And it is a Battlecruiser class vessle. This show is also well known for scantily clad females of various races that fall prey to the masculine charms of the ships warrior captain.

The first "Vengence" was a D-2-3 (it's been so long..use the old T-2 Battlecruiser), followed later by a D-4 class battlecruiser (Koro't'inga)that underwent constant refitting untill the advent of the D-7/K't'inga class. Later in its history it was superceeded by a Kamarag class cruser, followed by a Vorcha, and Vor'Kang. With the final version of the ship being a much enlarged version of the Vorcha, heavily stylized known as the Chancellor class (fictional?). It has since been replaced in the empire wide Tri-D production with a Bortasq class vessle. Considering that Battlecruiser Vengence has been in production since before the founding of the Federation, I'm surprised you have not heard of it. Perhapes you federation types are not as cultured as you claim?

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