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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Why are you complaining about transitional ships? does it matter you start at lv1? KDF used to start at lv1 and then you had to XP your way to lv50 ...

Sure KDF starts at 30 skipping a lot of levels but considering how those levels dont matter its as much of a issue as the Miranda being a entity, you have it for 2 days or something and then you grow over it.
Those levels did not matter then because they had only sparse story to make them fun.
With a new tutorial and story to play that puts the fan in the game instead of just storyless grind, those levels would have a purpose again.

Thats the crux of wanting a complete factio. We have no story and no thing to draw in players or anything that tells why we exist in STO other than a shadow of the feds.

It was not possible at the time, but if we hsd real substance as a faction the KDF may not be in the state it is in today and more woild play it because it entertaining
We cant just focus on the endgame as important since we are all there. The begining and middle of the level climb is just as important becuase the beginjng is where the player decides to stick with the leveling grind and the middle is where they decide not to give up whdn things seem slow.
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