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Originally Posted by twam View Post
As far as I'm aware, there's 3 possibilities for that:

1) Invisible high yield torpedoes. An issue that the devs just can't seem to get rid of completely, though it seems to be much, much better than it was.
The "invisible" torpedoes are never High Yield. High Yield torpedo FX are on the Costume-draw budget, while standard Torpedo FX are on the FX budget. Guess which one caps out first? In fact, I've been led to believe that it's nearly impossible to cap out the Costume-draw budget.

Anyway, invisible NON-High Yield Torpedoes are a bane to us as Designers, as well. And we're working to reduce their frequency, and potency. We're currently working on a change that should have a noticable impact on the Borg's ability to one-shot (or come close).

That said, high Kinetic resistance is always, always, always a good idea. If you have an ability that increases it, you should be running it as frequently as possible when fighting the Borg.

Originally Posted by twam View Post
2) Regular torpedo spread. These little borg torps aren't easily spotted, but hit for much more per torp than most of our torps could do.
This ability certainly suffers from FX-draw limitations, and can sometimes be very difficult to see in the midst of combat, possibly even invisible. We're recently been going through our higher-rank ships (like Borg Cubes, Tac Cubes, Transwarp Gates, etc) and reducing their Spread ranks from 3 down to 2 or 1 to reduce the raw damage and number of projectiles.

Originally Posted by twam View Post
3) Borg energy weapons - Sometimes these crit/hit for some insane amounts, out of the blue. I'm not sure if it's a cannon or a beam array, but gates in particular seem to one-shot my weaker-hulled vessels (read B'rel). I image some other capital borg units can do it.
Off the top of my head, the only Energy weapons that should be capable of dealing massive damage in a single hit are those used by the Unimatrix Ships on Into The Hive. They have a power mechanic that is meant to keep players engaging both of them simultaneously - if you move out of range of either of them, they will Lance you which can frequently be a one-hit-kill. So just stay between them, and they can't use that ability.

The Queen and the Transwarp Gate (in Infected) are also capable of hitting very hard, but they shouldn't be reaching one-shot capacity. If anyone experiences this, please post a screenshot of your combat log.
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