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02-26-2013, 09:22 AM
Aye, I can only repeat the afore mentioned: it all comes to personal play style.
While I like the fast and nimble escorts with their huge damage output,
I love herding and holding enemies in pve (probes for example) with repulsors, grav well, tractor beam - add polaron weaponry and energy siphon and throw a subsystem disable in.

I tried the mirror carrier on my klingon sci yesterday a bit more. while it is a flying bunker nearly everyone can
circlestrafe me.

the only "healing" abilities I have atm are hazard emitters 3 (heals a lot with high aux), extend shields and transfer shield strenght.

I will get me some advice for pvp later the day, you may see me asking dumb questions in opvp channel.

PS: hit that emergency speed boost (what was its name?), repulsors and you can push ppl not careful enough half across the map

PPS: just an idea: why not give some bonus traits if you are a sci in a sci ship (or tac in escort, eng in cruiser)
since we wont get any penalty for using a ship of the "wrong" profession.
of course on the other hand when sci abilities get a lil bit too strong again the qq on the forums can be heard on beteigeuze too
.o0( The gods of deutsch data recovery have prevailed! The techno will continue. )

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