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02-26-2013, 09:23 AM
My thread has nothing to do with Tac teams or any other team ability. Its the "Distribute shield" key you spam every 2 secs. Its all about getting things which all pvpers bind to keys in one way or another (and forget about) and make it standard for newcomers to pvp.

I personally have a vision of a "switch" in STO that enables all the basic settings for PVP in one go. If they have such an option for targeting objects, why cant it be for a game type? Its all about reducing the learning curve for newcomers and nothing else, so surely that is a worthy aim.
Cryptic aren't gonna rewrite the AI to force people to improve (Too costly and would p*** off too many people)

Its all about getting the most out of the smallest of changes - biggest bang for the buck.

Be honest, how many times have you had a pug in your team who doesn't know how to distribute shields? I'd even go as far as saying the person wouldn't even know what we are on about if we mentioned it in the team.

If PVP needs some drastic changes, maybe they don't need to be big bang changes to be drastic.......
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