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But Thomas, the CV6 isn't there... j/k

Thanks for this.
well, technically theres a sloop rigged Enterprise of the Continental Navy that served in 1775. A Schooner class that served in 1776. Another Schooner rigged Enterprise that was later refitted as a Brig that served from 1799-1823. Another schooner rigged enterprise that served from 1831 to 1844. A Barque-rigged Screw Sloop-class that served from 1877-1909. A Motor Torpedo Boat that served from 1917 to 1919. the CV-6 Enterprize of World War-II 1938 to 1947. CV-65 U.S.S. Enterprise, the first nuclear powered carrier 1961 to 2012.....

and lastly the Enterprise space shuttle (which was not full sized, created and used for testing the areodynamics of the shuttle while being ferried).

SO a total of 7 Enterprise which have served as military ships of the
United States (so far), and one Experimental test space ship.

Taken from Wikipedia..
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