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02-26-2013, 10:34 AM
Engineers are not bad, they just tend to get out-shined by the other two more often due to their captain powers.


Rotate Shield Frequency is probably the best shield regen and resist boost in the game, bar-none. It's based on your current shield power, so if you use E-power to shields, Aux to Battery, or a battery, it can be a huge boost to resistance and regen.

EPS is always good, because of the large power boost and power transfer boost plus the fact that it can be given to someone.

Nadion...yeah, always the 'meh' of engineering captain powers. If it gave immunity to subsystem disable for the duration, that would go a long way in helping it be more useful.

Miracle Worker, it is meant to be the 'oh ****' button for an engineer, by restoring all your subsystems and giving the huge instant heal to shields and hull. It can't be SNBed off, because it's instant.

Now, one small thing that could help an engineer a lot would simply be to let Nadion and Miracle Worker be given to others. That alone would provide a tremendous boost to their usage, because while the powers aren't bad, they can only be used on the engineer, while engineers are meant to take a support role like that.

At the very least, the option to give it to others would open up some more possibilities in PvP.