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02-26-2013, 10:38 AM
If you like science vessels, or science oriented ships at least forget about the Sovereign. That is more of a tac. oriented ship. Ofcourse unless you really like the Sovereign, then by all means go for it. ( I myself pick my ships by what I like, then make them work after )

If you feel more like flying something more sci.oriented, your T5 Ambassador Retrofit is actually quite good sci.cruiser. If you don't like it you may consider the Science Odyssey. I must agree with you, I also don't like the looks of the T5 sci. ships, but then I kinda' like the Vesta look, so it might be worth considering, it's arguably the best sci. ship out there.

But, maybe the best solution would be for you to try getting a mirror sci. vessel, for example the mirror deep-space sci.vessel as suggested by another player before. They're pretty cheap on the exchange, around 50K EC and you can try how it goes and get a better hang on end-game gameplay before you decide wheather you want to spend zen on something more expensive.

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