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02-26-2013, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
As the title says. This would reduce the amount of newcomers insta popping the moment they enter the arenas. The newcomers would become less of a burden to the team and also they would survive long enough to see the enjoyment of pvp.

We want more people to join pvp so thought this would be a good start to reduce the learning curve.
Nice idea stealing naz kk

Really tho naz its really a good idea, why? because

1. It removes or tightens a gap between newbies which don't know about this Spacebar + Bind Distribute_Shields trick now till at least 6 months of this first learning curve.

2. If you totally remove the feature as a whole it opens up new complexity to PvP meaning you would have to manually distribute your shields to the left and right etc all manually.

But for the instapopping part, thats partly the reason people get insta-vaped in arenas. Unfortunately it comes back to the balancing part as well again, EptS. 99% of the instapop noobs dont even run it, because they dont know this ability is at least 100+% more valuable then their equally ranked counterparts (EptE, EptW, EptA)

How many times do i still see so called 'full out glass cannon' escorts running 2x EptW lol.
They get vaped instantly, and the EptW doesn't give enough of a damage boost to actually make it worthwhile ditching EptS.

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