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02-26-2013, 09:49 AM
I'd note that any of your lessons that apply to Kerrat will also apply to 10 vs 10 Cap 'N Hold, and indeed Cap 'N Hold is a great way to test if you've learned those lessons, since it sets up the same sort of situations Kerrat does- players off on their lonesome away from their team support, players cruising around in cloak looking for targets to pop.

You could cover stuff like how to do that, how to avoid it, team tactics- even stuff like how you can hear an enemy firing his buffs before he decloaks.

I think that rather than doing every specific thing under the sun, you should focus to a core list of things:

PVP Arena tactics. This would cover anatomy of a team (Healer, dps, control- that sort of thing), and common tournament premade designs, versus what you might see in the qs. You could then talk about advanced ship flying as it pertains to team Arena- and touch on that while the lessons do help globally, they may not *apply* globally.

PVP Capture and Hold tactics. This would include a brief explanation of Kerrat, and include strategies and information about Capinhold, including stuff on how teams break apart to tackle objectives, what to do when an enemy's on his lonesome, or *seems* to be on his lonesome, always have an escape button- stuff like that. The lessons for Capture and Hold generally apply directly back to Kerrat, since it's very similar, right down to the spawn camping.

Specific Build Help: Rather than having large classes for common builds- escort, cruiser, sci, various other ships, you should really just set up a time to have Q&A in the TS for people looking for build help, or info. Having a big mixed class is useful, because they get to learn about builds outside of what they currently or may be running, from other ship types- which will aid them in their actual pvp experience- as they will then have an idea of what their enemies might be running, and get an understanding of how a high level PVPer *thinks* and *reacts*.

You would probably want to generalize your specifics- which is to say that a lot of specific builds work on the assumption of features that now, several ships have.

For instance, ships of each category with universal slots versus ships with specific limited slot types. Drain builds, control builds- by all means split them up on an axis of ship TYPE, but by type I mean escort, cruiser, science- but have ones that cross the boundries discussed in the main 'class'- so things like the Breen, or the Vesta, or the JHEC or whatever.

Now, that said, you would do to have a separate 'advanced advanced' class for people running ship class specific builds- like B'rel torpedo builds, or other builds that really only work on one specific ship. These would have much smaller classes obviously, although anyone interested in listening would be able to sit in. These sessions would need to be by request rather than just showing up, so you know if you have enough people to do such a session, and so you can prepare to talk about those specific ships they're interested in.