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I am talking mainly about pve (from what I have read so far, pvp ain't much better, with Klingons coming out of stealth with alpha strike).

There is simply no (need for) healing in the game ?! 95% of deaths is either insta kill with bs like 300,000 damage, or it's comp ganking with like 20 torps coming in within 3 seconds. Either way, unavoidable death. And those explosions, those insane warp core explosions. Full speed ahead with evasive maneuvers and still blowing up every other time, even with full health and shields.
And ground combat is the same, focused death in one second. Even if I let my pets do the first strike, the whole npc group will on my rear end within 5 seconds. And don't get me started on one or -heaven forbid- more melee (on the plus side, player melee seems op in the same way, crits for 800 I was told).

The remaining 5%, well. Noone is speccing healer to probably save 2 ships during a 20 minutes Borg invasion.

I think it's time to go tac escort; at least I can do some serious damage and take a couple of those ... with me.