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02-26-2013, 10:03 AM
The problem with Engineers is that they are simply not worth shooting at most of the time, or they can simply be ignored and kill the rest of the team.

They are supposed to be a Tank/Healer, and they can do the healer part equally well as a Sci or a Tac even in a healboat, but they just add a little bit more tank to themselves (RSF/Miracle etc)

But if thats all they add in PvP, its not enough. Engi's NEED to make a reason for people to shoot at them, and a good enough team can get past those nifty heals u can throw out and simply ignore you.

They also got quite some useless Captain abilities compared to a Sci and a Tac.

EPS isn't that great as it looks, and even as a team skill throwing it at your Escort team player it isnt great.

Nadion... well, ugh. What can i say. Even a dual beam overload setup doesnt make this ability right.

Engi fleet.. meh, worst of all fleet abilities imo. The hull resist buff is very mediocre and the other buff it gives... um.. 1,2 points to your power levels at most :O

Miracle worker... Um i guess its not bad but certainly looks better then it is. Its not great.

With that said, both APA/GDF and Subnuke/sensor scan make for Tac and Sci basically outperform an Engi in terms of teaming anyway because all those abilities are way more contributing to a team, RSF really isnt, and so are alot of other engi captain abilities.

Oh im sure Engi is still great if u wanna make a total zombie build im sure it will contribute to it.