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02-26-2013, 10:10 AM
Thank you for the changes so far, I really appreciate them, I would like to ask when will we be seeing the AI changes to the platforms and the ROF increase that was mentioned in the BUG posts, this patch or will we be waiting for next week on that???

Has there been any consideration to allowing the platforms to benefit from BOFF powers, like epts, hazard emitters or attack pattern abilities, I know this would be a much appreciated buff for carriers and their pets, although maybe a bit OP.

Will the cooldowns on the consoles remain at 3min? It still feels like a ridiculously long time to be able to use these consoles, specially the platform launch console. This should be the same as the carrier pet launch ability maybe 15secs more.

Someone commented on the 2 sec charge time on the Overload cannon console, saying it is pointless to have. I agree, it would be nice to have this fire instantly, the consoles having a 30 second CD between each other will keep this from being coupledand the 3min cd on each one makes it so that its a pretty separated burst damage boost, however I've noticed that when I use my cannon overload it locks my weapons out and I cant fire anything, not even the cutting beam or torpedoes during the charge. Now I don't know how the Lance and Javelin works exactly but is this working as intended? Others have commented that they are unable to use any powers during the power charge cycle so I think this needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

One thing that has been totally ignored in all this are the new Andorian phaser weapons added to the Dilithium store. Why are these weapons only Mk XI? For a ship meant to be used by Vice Admirals and the fact they cannot be accessed until you own the Andorian escorts, it should be obvious these weapons need to be Mk XII from the start. Unless you are planning on adding these weapons to the fleet store in a much more upgraded fashion, then you just added sub par weapons that are useless. Why not just make all phasers fired from the Andorian ships have a blue color? Or upgraded the weapons to Mk XII?