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02-26-2013, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
I am getting very tired of saying this, and not having Cryptic pay any attention, but they need to stop listening to PvPers. If these people think that a weapon is overpowered, they need to stop fighting each other, and take these powerful weapons into Elite STFs. When they are faced with multiple Elite Tactical Drones, or swamped 3 to 1 with cubes, they will be GLAD to have those weapons!

And so us pure STFers get punished by getting all of our stuff nerfed, even though we never complained because those powerful weapons actually HELPED us!
It's so true, Cryptic needs to stop catering to the PvP'ers. They need to stop funneling dev time and resources into making new PvP maps and features and get back to developing PvE content. And stop balancing everything around thinking, ability using opponents and balance the game for giant HP sack meatbag NPCs. Oh, wait...

For the record, no PvP'er asked for a Tric Torp nerf. Almost unanimously the request has been for a fix regarding the 1 crit to rule them all related to tric mines. This is baked in at a level that Cryptic can't touch, so they nerfed damage. Few people wanted that; many more wanted self-damage to apply to the mines if the crit issue couldn't be fixed. The torpedo nerf was and still is a mystery.

And for the record, balancing the game around PvP would mean designing NPCs which used abilities, and used them in logical combinations on players and other NPCs. This would be an awesome change to STO. Reduce all NPC hull and shields by 90%, but give them Tac Team. Give them AI that will apply APB and then BO. Have a cube use ES on a sphere. This would be a much more satisfying game than simply burning down a hp-sack in a dps race.

ESTFs are like tying your shoes, once you learn the routine there's not a lot of challenge involved. If AI actually responded to what you did it would be amazing. So I don't know why people are so against balancing a game around PvP, because it would demand better AI for PvE.
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With the nerfing of a premium species. Do those who have toons get a free retrait for our toons? This is completely unfair and I'm curious to know which Dev decided this was a good idea and based off of what feedback from their favored group of players!
Didn't happen with the Joined Trill nerf. Although traits are rumored for an overhaul soon...

Also, lol @ favored group of players. I don't ground PvP but chain stuns or stunlocks are bad, period, and should be stomped out of any game design. If that's what Pounce/Lunge really let you do then a shared cd for half time is a pretty reasonable action.

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I see you've finally fixed the Orion Interceptors as well, as they now can be used on Escort Carrier class, but you forgot about Tachyon Drones and Marauding Force - they still don't mention EC in their description.
Seriously? You stealth fixed this? I am required to publicly thank you in my signature so you shouldn't sneak it in. 2 out of 4 ain't bad. How did that Meatloaf song go?