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02-26-2013, 11:14 AM
I've flown all of the ship types in this game over the years. Not all non-escort-dps builds are meant for healing. My main an engineer flies a Vesta atm, its got several different Boffs ready to go. I change stations depending on the situation. I'm not spec'd to heal others, I'm spec'd to cripple the enemy. It may not be healing like you might be used to "support" types doing. But, I've never had a complain when my grav well procs for an aftershock. Nor, when my scramble sensors has the enemy killing each other instead of my teammates.

When I fly cruisers (rare, but I have in the past) I spec for tanking. I put my threat control at nine and now can slot some romulan +threat consoles. Take a couple FAW and have the enemy shoot at me instead of my teammates.

The game is more than "heal the escort", not to sound sarcastic, not my intention. But, I've dealt with so many gun ho DPS toons who believe I'm there as their pocket healer. I didn't pay my LTS and all the goodies between then and now for their pleasure.

Fastest I've ever seen a team of 5 take out a tactical cube was with 5 science ships.

95% of deaths isn't insta kill torps, I grind out STFs daily and the instakill stuff has been toned down. Those deaths are just bad builds and ships who shouldn't be in ESTFs. For one example, ran a KASE, guy kept dying. He claimed it was the instakills, guy had MK VIII common consoles at level 50. (we checked his gateway info... that's another bug report tho)

Tact/Escort is fun granted, I personally feel limited when flying something that can only go pew pew.
I'll stop kicking that horse when the bugs fixed. Until then as a paying consumer, I will voice my opinion.