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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Well for a full shutdown build...

Thermionic hvy torp, polaron beams, subsytem atks, drain drones, tykens, siphon and viral matrix.

Thees also the doffs that drain power when using repulsor beam...

The real question is why bother draining? Boss npcs do not suffer from drain debuff effect and they dont shut down for more than a second. Any other npc dies to brute dps in seconds. Vs players its good if you have the dps to thump them when shut down before they use a one ability cleanses all debuffs and fly off.

Yeah. The bosses are highly annoying. However, I was playing the Starbase Blockade, and once I figured out how to work my build it was amazing. I would fire viral matrix 3 into the most powerful ship, energy siphon the next, and then cast a tykens rift into the rest of them. So basically I had one ship almost completely disabled, one ship weakened, and the rest of the group tykened. I could then take the energy I siphoned and I could turn it into heals for myself and the transport.

The problem with the bosses, however is that they are basically flying, shooting, rocks. They have no subsystems that can be damaged, they have limitless energy, and they only respond to raw DPS. I mean, you want the secret to defeating just about any space boss in the game? Sit on one shield facing with an escort and unleash hell. There is no tactics to it. So when it comes to boss battles, just about every sci power is completely useless. Not that my build is useless in boss fights. That extra energy is always nice to have for the heals/buffs you need to survive the next crit hit.
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