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That's understandable, I would imagine that men like Yuri Gagarin are among his heroes
I could see that, sure. I think that some of his "Russian heroes" are more literary heroes, too. People like Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, and Dostoyevsky...especially Dostoyevsky since he was actually named after Alyosha Karamazov.

I think the only way Marcus would have been able to detect Alyosha as anything other than baseline Human, would have been if he had recently fed on another immortal and the neural energy had not been fully absorbed.
Given that Alyosha would not do that (even if told it would be safe for the immortal), then that's definitely ruled out...

Given Marcus' position as head of Starfleet Intelligence, I'm sure he would have crossed paths with Alyosha at some point prior to his death
That could well be, especially given what Alyosha was used for when he was an ensign during the Dominion War. He was used as a courier to carry highly classified orders, since a Founder could not mimic his phase variance. Very few of the people he relayed messages for would have known that the reason he was used in this capacity was because he was Devidian, though. Marcus would probably have known, if he was high-ranked enough in the intelligence apparatus, though.

I think there would be the kinship of a shared experience, but I'm not sure how Alyosha would view Meliden's hard-drinking partying ways
I don't think he would criticize her unless she did something that had an impact while on duty (such as showing up to her shift with a hangover). He wouldn't approve of it or be interested in discussing those exploits, though. He'd hope the conversation would go to other topics.

That would make sense that Alyosha would not understand other Devidians but still be able to communicate with them on a basic level, in the same manner in which Azera Xi does not appear to access the Collective in anyway, but can sometimes be influenced by it when tired.
It's kind of like that, yes...though the show and the game do show other Devidians besides Alyosha being capable of communicating in English. However, Alyosha doesn't understand their native language--heck, he may not even recognize it as language, since he thinks according to human languages. I suspect his attempt to return the favor of a telepathic attack in his first LC seemed "infant-like" to the Devidians in addition to their contempt for the message Alyosha was trying to send them (what it is like to actually feel guilty for consuming a sentient being).

I imagine their speech is very alien-sounding, in their own language. I've tried to hint at that with the idea that Alyosha's natural "laughter" or "crying" are completely inhuman sounds that he must suppress while around humanoids.

I don't think a "native-raised" Devidian is telepathically strong enough to pull off an outright mental invasion, though--and I think feeding is the other circumstance that would likely bring their powers to their height. Their surviving victims have reported intense emotions of terror and despair, but nothing even worse than that.

So I'd say that in the Trek universe, Devidians are not among the stronger telepaths. For telekinesis, though--at least in STO--I'd consider them to be quite powerful.

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