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02-26-2013, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
As for the concern that special Torpedo Modes benefit Quantums disproportionately... there is some merit to that claim. And it is, as another poster pointed out, because amplifying a large number by a set percentage yields a larger benefit than amplifying a smaller number by the same percentage. It's possible that those figures could use another review, but it's also possible that they are fine where they are due to the additional benefits/drawbacks of using different types of torpedoes.
If you don't mind me saying Borticus, if Transphasics were boosted to match Quantums when you use HY and such, the numbers probably wouldn't jump too much. Honestly, if this applied for all torp types with flat numbers, it'd provide at least a rough scale on torpedo damage and might make em easier to balance IMO.

In turn, their effectiveness or lack there of could be better seen. Like...let's say...

A photon did 1000 damage against hull
A chroniton did 1250 damage
A quantum did 2500
A transphasic did 1500
A tricobalt did 5000

If you use HY 3, and say that was a boost of 200%, that would make the numbers...

Photon: 2000 damage
Chroniton: 2500 damage
Quantum: 5000 damage
Transphasic: 3000 damage
Tricobalt: 10000 damage

Already there are a bunch of big differences between the torps, but you can see their scaling.

As it stands, they all get different boosts depending on torp type. These are made up numbers of course. Let's just pretend...

Photon: 175% boost: 1750 damage
Chroniton: 120% boost: 1500 damage
Quantum: 250% boost: 6250 damage
Transphasic: 150% boost: 2250 damage
Tricobalt: 300% boost: 15000 damage

All of those numbers, while they might be more balanced per their individual torpedo, it can be rather confusing because the abilities affect different torps so much.

Now, from all this, I'm not saying that the different torp types shouldn't have their own advantages and disadvantages, but those should be off-set by their base damage and cooldown timers.

A chroniton can still do it's rather nice debuff, and still have a lower base damage, but be boosted on an equal level when I use HY 3, compared to Quantum which would gain the same %-boost. The quantums would still hit hardest regardless.

On top of all of that, at most you would still see torpedo abilities being fired every 15 seconds. So any other time, the torps would still only be doing normal damage, which would just be that, normal damage and they'd still be a-ok.

Adjusting the %-boosts higher in general when using the torp BOFF powers might also make other torps more used because of it as compared with mostly only using photons, quantums, and transphasics. (without getting into special and unique torps)

It's also worth noting that this different scaling thing only applies for torps and their two BOFF abilities (I don't think it affects mines too much, could be wrong). All the energy weapon BOFF powers affect their respective weapon types equally regardless, and all the energy weapon types all have the exact same base damage.

If I slot 6 Disruptor beam arrays, I know that their base damage will be exactly the same (before modifiers of course), as slotting 6 phaser beam arrays. And using BFAW 1 will give me the same effect pretty much, regardless of which BA type I have.

I know this has been a long post, but I really wanted to mention all this, and while you probably won't reply or reply to much, thanks for hopefully reading it.