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02-26-2013, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by sirepical View Post
I don't mind PvPers getting things nerfed because 99% of the time they have a legitimate point, and PvP is part of the game. If they nerfed/buffed everything in favor of PvP, you could still get by in PvE, because PvE isn't difficult outside of NWS. If everything was nerfed/buffed in favor of PvE, PvP wouldn't exist.

The point seems to be that you don't like things being changed due to PvPers, but I support PvPers getting stuff changed. It hasn't yet actually hurt PvE and it helps PvP. When PvE gets difficult, the changes will bother me. As of now, it doesn't.
I don't like things that aren't game breaking getting nerfed by the PVPers.
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