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02-26-2013, 10:48 AM
Thank you for the changes so far, I really appreciate them, I would like to ask when will we be seeing the AI changes to the platforms and the ROF increase that was mentioned in the BUG posts, this patch or will we be waiting for next week on that???
You're welcome. Unfortunately, I don't know when these changes will be live.

Will the cooldowns on the consoles remain at 3min? It still feels like a ridiculously long time to be able to use these consoles, specially the platform launch console. This should be the same as the carrier pet launch ability maybe 15secs more.
The Tachyon and Overload consoles will almost definitely stay at 3 minutes - that's the standard cooldown for console powers, and we'll be balancing around it.

The Wing Cannon Platforms are staying at 3 minutes for the moment, but there's a possibility we might decrease it at a later time. We're going to see how they hold up with the increased health and shields. They're not supposed to be as easy to re-deploy as hangar pets - they pack a lot of punch on a ship like this (especially with the improvements that are coming), and there needs to be a way to counter them.

One thing that has been totally ignored in all this are the new Andorian phaser weapons added to the Dilithium store. Why are these weapons only Mk XI? For a ship meant to be used by Vice Admirals and the fact they cannot be accessed until you own the Andorian escorts, it should be obvious these weapons need to be Mk XII from the start. Unless you are planning on adding these weapons to the fleet store in a much more upgraded fashion, then you just added sub par weapons that are useless. Why not just make all phasers fired from the Andorian ships have a blue color? Or upgraded the weapons to Mk XII?
With few exceptions, Dilithium Store equipment in general caps out at Mk XI. Mk XII equipment is intended to primarily be available through endgame content, such as our Fleet and Reputation systems.

These weapons are just color shifts of standard Dilithium weapons - they're there for flavor and role-playing. Not everything we introduce has to be designed specifically to be the best endgame stuff ever. =D

I'm not opposed to putting "Fleet" Andorian weapons in the Fleet system eventually, but don't expect them soon. If we do make Andorian fleet weapons, they'll probably go in at the same time as several other new fleet items.