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02-26-2013, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by merryprankster2 View Post
Take Star Wars for instance. People want to be Jedis, Sith, Bounty hunters, or Smugglers. Stormtroopers are kind of a niche market.
Err I always got hte impression there were more people dressing up as Stormtroopers than the other parts.

Equally how many people do you see with Starfleet weddings? Because there's probabbly more with Klingon ones.

Just saying like, neither of the above appeals to me.

All I can say is: I have more fun chomping things in my Gorn, and undermining the empire but every lizard is allowed a hobby. Than I do get stalked by T'nae (seriosuly the silly bint won't leave me alone, everyime I log in she starts phoning me up).