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02-26-2013, 10:50 AM
To clarify things: I am a 50 scientist with a Deep Space Science Vessel. And I do know and I do have BO with skills like TSS, HE and the like.
Gear is surely not everything purple, so I don't even bother with 3 star STF. Skills should be somewhat ok, I do have beta experience and remembered a few things how the system works.
But my point is: in most of the cases, death comes so quickly there is nothing to heal. In the air and land and - no, wait, no sea in this game. Plus in STF, I am needed as DD anyway, which reduces heals to a drop in the ocean; I reckon Vesta ships with aux weapons would help on that front.
And to add insult to injury, sometimes I don't even know wtf hit me. I am minding my own damage business some 8k away from the boss, and the next second, I have the respawn timer.

In single player PVE missions, I can wrestle down most ships, simply by outhealing the incoming damage and then slowly tearing them apart. Which somewhat feels good. But then again, I have to think of those escorts that would have done the same in 10% of the time, eliminating the need for heals completely. Dead enemies do no damage.

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