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02-26-2013, 12:02 PM
*Republic warships Delta Contingent, 100 ships all the best of the best, Deadliest contingent in the Republic fleet. Commodore Barbossa stand before his crew above them superior and calm. Completely stoic.*

Barbossa: Vax, tell me what about the people down there?

Vax: I dunno sir.. The readings show that something happened I don't know what.. The Charisians were neutral to the war and did not care for it. The President ...

Barbossa: I know he wanted to get them into the fold because of their numbers and their fleet... Also the system will drive a wall between the Rebels outside the core and here in the core.

*Looks at that vessel*

Hail them.. I want to know what they are doing here? At this place...

*OOC: Oops Charis IX one year ago.

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