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02-26-2013, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
The Tachyon and Overload consoles will almost definitely stay at 3 minutes - that's the standard cooldown for console powers, and we'll be balancing around it.
I agree, that also gives you one or the other to pop every 90s.

Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
The Wing Cannon Platforms are staying at 3 minutes for the moment, but there's a possibility we might decrease it at a later time. We're going to see how they hold up with the increased health and shields. They're not supposed to be as easy to re-deploy as hangar pets - they pack a lot of punch on a ship like this (especially with the improvements that are coming), and there needs to be a way to counter them.
From what I can tell the current upgrade saw them go from about 5Kish Hull to 6Kish hull.

It seems like a fairly irrelevant amount. Anything that can one-shot 5k is going to one-shot 6k.

What DPS or Burst contribution, and for how long, did you intend for these pets to add?

I think the issue here is that you either have to find the balance between two extremes:

1) Tough pets that can cause an issue as they do add firepower and can technically last the entire 180s duration

2) Really weak pets that are marginal, and may die instantly, providing nothing and wasting a console slot.

Instead of this approach, perhaps you could just tweak them so they provide a DPS added with a limited duration.


Vesta Sympathetic Fermion Transceiver

Adds a very specific amount of Hull per second healing, and shield regen per second for a specified duration (20s).

Perhaps the "pets" should function this way.

They could be an untargettable object, with no actual health and shield values however they only last X amount of seconds, balanced around their DPS added contribution for that amount of time.

Then the ship would have:

1) Immediate high output burst damage attack

2) Immediate high output shield damaging attack

3) One duration limited DPS added boost

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