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02-26-2013, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Any damage that penetrates a shield is still subject to resistance scores.


As for the concern that special Torpedo Modes benefit Quantums disproportionately... there is some merit to that claim. And it is, as another poster pointed out, because amplifying a large number by a set percentage yields a larger benefit than amplifying a smaller number by the same percentage. It's possible that those figures could use another review, but it's also possible that they are fine where they are due to the additional benefits/drawbacks of using different types of torpedoes.
Ah thank you. I'm not seeing this with the 'phasics but its good to know thats how its supposed to be.

Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
If you don't mind me saying Borticus, if Transphasics were boosted to match Quantums when you use HY and such, the numbers probably wouldn't jump too much. Honestly, if this applied for all torp types with flat numbers, it'd provide at least a rough scale on torpedo damage and might make em easier to balance IMO.

In turn, their effectiveness or lack there of could be better seen.
Here's an alternate solution: equal out the damage of all torpedoes (after factoring in timers). Make the 2ndary effect of each torpedo be the very thing that high yield/spread buffs.

Secondary effects become stronger per tier of torpedo boff ability.

Photons: bonus damage to shields (HY/SPRD)
Quantums: bonus damage to hull (HY/SPRD)
Transphasics: bonus shield penetration % (HY/SPRD),
Plasma: bonus plasma fire damage (spread), bonus plasma energy damage (heavy)
Tricobalt: 5s subspace rift stun (heavy), multiple warheads (spread).
Chroniton: 5s 80% snare (hvy), 5s 80% loss of turn rate (sprd)
Thermionic: fine as it is now 2ndary effect.
Temporal Disruptor: fine as it is

Special mentions:
Ferengi Rockets: should not be affected by any boff power.. but they are.
Hyper-Plasma: Follows Plasma rules.
Omega Torpedo: Should be changed to transphasic damage type/rules. After all, Omega is the result of Janeway's legacy and we do remember what torps she used dont we?