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02-26-2013, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
I support the sentiment, but believe this to be a bad idea. The nature of this thread is that of wanting CHANGE. Change necessarily increases entropy, for the entropy of a closed system must always increase. CHANGE IS BAD.

Let us not forget the lessons of S7 so quickly. People thought that the system of random proto drops was bad. They wanted it CHANGED, and they got it: Now there is not a single thing you can actually have without paying an arm and a leg for.

The KDF's present state may not be ideal, but it could be worse...and if you get it changed, it WILL be.

Thanks for the thoughtful post doffingcomrade

From my perspective though, continuing change is inevitable in STO as it continues to distance itself from its old P2P model and move closer towards PWE's F2P model.

Season 7 was the clearest indication yet of how Cryptic/PWE feel it's best to extend/change STO (barring the introduction of lockboxes) and it's something that saddens me somewhat.

Whilst PWE's Asian model may be successful for them in terms of profits, I've yet to hear anyone that plays their other games say anything particularly complimentary about it.

It's something I've been thinking about a lot in the last few days, and in order to keep this campaign and thread relevant I'll be posting my thoughts here soon.

I guess what's bothering me most though is that it all seems focussed around short-term gain rather than long-term sustainability - I'd like to think STO will be around for some time to come but that seems unlikely when the bulk of Cryptic's revenue is coming from lockboxes - how long can they continue to put out ships like the Dominion ones and retain the player's interest? It's also a volatile model - what happens if/when they release a ship that nobody wants?

A better model would be a system that makes Dilithium ubiquitous in a way that's a choice for the player - making lots of services and perks available for small amounts rather than the outrageous sums required for most Dilithium or Dilithium->Zen purchases in-game.

Anyway, more thoughts on this soon and thank you everyone for your support!!

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