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02-26-2013, 11:41 AM
Ah the engineer... My first character was an Engineer in an Escort.. This was back before they created the concept of F2P.. and before EPS consoles became a thing of the past due to the introduction of a skill that provided that very same effect.

Nadion Inversion is a power I have been tooling with.. and it does work well with Beam Overloads, especially if your running multiple beams and Multiple Beam Overloads. Nothing says spike shot like 3 Beam overloads back to back and not diping below 100 Weapon power. Other wise, that's really all it is.. a novelty ability that, while useful, can be simulated better in other ways, especially thanks to Duty Officers. (I'm looking at you DEM DOFF)

Originally, EPS Power flow was a great effect. It was like candy to Escorts. Fueling their firepower and making them monsters.. Then they came out with the skill change... And that's when EPS became.. meh.. It's cute, but it doesn't provide the same effect it used to. It might be nice if it gave the same kind of bonus that Batteries gave when they are used.. A scaling bonus with a max of 5% to Damage, Shield Resist, Turn Rate/Speed, and Stealth Sight to the target under the effect of EPS Power flow. But then that might make it Overpowered. *Shrug*

Rotate Shield Frequency used to be a great effect if not Overpowered. I believe (Could be wrong here) It's shield regeneration and Resists were MUCH higher then they are now. I remember being able to use Rotate Shield Frequency and Tac Team in order to Foil some Alpha strikes. Lately how ever, with how shield damage and Shield Drain effects (and the newly introduced Disruptor Shield Resist Penalty) it's becoming harder and harder to keep your own shields up. (Not that it's a bad thing! Encourages Teaming!!)

Miracle Worker.... Yeah this one used to be overpowered.. Used to grant you a full 100% Heal to hull and shields. Then they tweeked it to work with Crew.. how ever since you Crew is nearly always dead they changed it to a flat amount based on your skills in Hull and Shield repair.. In bigger ships, it hardly heals much.. in smaller ships it almost feels like it did back in the day. (My Khyzon has been almost fully healed by Miracle Worker as of late) It's still an "Oh ****" button..but it's not as powerful as Reverse Shield Polarity 1 can be. I do also like it's an Engi team as well in some respects. Might be nice if this also gave a small Hull and shield Resist for say.. 5-15 Seconds.. But not necessary.
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