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Originally Posted by darksol1980 View Post
Yamato= slow, blind shots and very think skinned

I prefer the Iowa class=fast, radar guided shots and well armored and superior numbers in action.
Well my point was that the Yamato was designed to engage several enemy battleships at once and win. Much like the OP's idea of a ship designed to take on entire fleets.

However the Yamato class proved a dismal failure. It was too expensive to risk in battle, it could not defend itself from large numbers of aircraft, and the Japanese were unable to provide a sufficient ASW escort.

There is a reason why in real life we do not see navys build such warships anymore. A single supership can be overwhelmed and if destroyed there goes your entire battle plan. Fleets today are designed around the concept of High-Low; that is a small number of high quality ships working in concert with a large number of low quality ships. That way the loss of one high quality ship or several low quality ships does not spell disaster.
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