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*Republic warships Delta Contingent, 100 ships all the best of the best, Deadliest contingent in the Republic fleet. Commodore Barbossa stand before his crew above them superior and calm. Completely stoic.*

Barbossa: Vax, tell me what about the people down there?

Vax: I dunno sir.. The readings show that something happened I don't know what.. The Charisians were neutral to the war and did not care for it. The President ...

Barbossa: I know he wanted to get them into the fold because of their numbers and their fleet... Also the system will drive a wall between the Rebels outside the core and here in the core.

*Looks at that vessel*

Hail them.. I want to know what they are doing here? At this place...

*OOC: Oops Charis IX one year ago.
*Forbes is walking down a corridor toward the bridge. A Science terminal had broken down and the Bridge wanted it fixed as soon as possible. As he walked onto the bridge, he saw Captain Hart looking at the Republic Fleet. Forbes stopped for a moment, taking in the sheer size of the fleet.*

Hart: Call for reinforcements.

Open a channel.

*Forbes looked to the Science terminal at the back of the bridge. Forbes walked over to it and tapped a control, getting no response.*

Science Technician: It's been like this for 5 minutes. I was conducting a radiographic scan, and then the whole station froze on me.

Forbes: It's probably the gel pack. They've been having problems with those all week down in Cybernetics. Without a steady supply, reusing old gel packs is resulting in defects creeping in.

*He rests his tool box on the console and kneels down, prying the access panel open. He looks at the gel pack, which is in good condition. The gel is still clear blue.*

That's odd. The pack looks fine.

It could be the data-shunt, but...

*He pulls out a circuit board, inspecting it before replacing it.*

No, that's fine too.

*In the background, he can hear Captain Hart's voice get louder, irritated.*

Hart: Get comms back! Send a message with the emergency comm; we can receive messages but cannot respond.

Ops: Aye sir. Sir, the fleet is just a few minutes away.

Forbes: How bad is it?

Sci tech: Still frozen.

Forbes: I mean the Rep ships.

Sci tech: Oh. As well as we expected. They came into weapons range and locked on, before sending a hail.

It would help if we could diagnose the comms problem with ALL our stations.

Forbes: Working on it.

*He looks at the gel pack again, noticing a light behind it. He pulls the rack holding the pack out to get a clear look. There's a strange, jet black circular device attached to the Computer link-up. It almost looks organic, with a soft, menacing red glow.*

What the hell is that?

*The tech kneels down to look.*

Sci tech: I have no idea.

First Officer: Something wrong, gentlemen?

*The First Officer knelt down beside them, having overheard the confusion.*

Forbes: I don't know, sir. There's something attached to the Console's computer link-up. It's definitely not standard equipment.

First Officer: Can you get it off? We need this station back.

Forbes: One moment.

*He pulls out his tricorder, tapping a few controls on the holo display as it scans the device.*

I think so.

*He puts the tricorder back before taking out a laser cutter. He gently cut the device away when the Deflector Array, unbeknownst to the crew, began emitting a Taloron beam at the planet, which is almost impossible to tell apart from Thalaron Radiation. This happened just as the Republic Command ship's scans became focused enough to detect thalaron radiation.

Forbes pulled the device off the console interior and placed it in a transparent aluminium case to keep it isolated.*


*The console unfreezes and Forbes puts the gel pack and panel back before putting his tools away.*

That should do it.

Sci tech: Thanks, Ensign.

*As Forbes walked off the bridge, he heard a tone from the Engineering Officer's station.*

Engineering Officer: That's strange. I'm reading an increase in deflector array power output.

*OOC: Yes, this would be the part where the Republic mistakes the beam as a weapon, and comes to the conclusion that the Anderson destroyed the colony. Forbes just unwittingly killed the chances of a peaceful resolution, not that he could have known.*

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