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02-26-2013, 12:08 PM
I really think we should make it very clear we expect more..

Tutorial, Levelling missions from 1 to 20, additional missions from 20 to 50 to fill some of the holes and give incoming players a better feel for the KDF faction.

Additional ships would be nice, specificly something to off set the massive advantages the UFP faction has recieved and will continue to recieve in its ship selection.. even if its the SAME currently existing ship models with further updates and tweeks to the stats, or new weapon,system, and BOFF loadouts. Additional character costume options are highly desireable..and I do not mind at all if they are C-Store.

This faction will never equal the UFP faction for over all content. I am willing to accept this. I how ever am not willing to tolerate this being half a faction, or 2/3rds of a faction, or 3/4's of a faction for another year. If thats all we get is a Tutorial and a smidgen of mission content with excessive XP rewards for a fast levelling track I will have finally hit the point of no longer willing to support STO and will go find another game that is far more balanced in its play. Or even return to a couple of my old favorites.

We allready made it clear that "all at once" is acceptable..which may mean we don't see anything much at all for the KDF between now and May. But I am hoping that the studio got the clue that the "all at once" had best be fairly substancial.

I refuse to tolerate for much longer pumping cash into half a MMO. If we don't see substancial improvement to the KDF faction come May/June, I'm gone. The Fed player base can have thier Federation only club.

I've allready spent a couple thousand or so on this game over the last three years. I'm not that willing to spend any more unless I see some real overall improvement, and inclusuion of what should have been here at game launch.

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