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That makes sense... Was Alyosha named by others, or did he choose his own name?
He was named by others. It actually happened shortly after he accidentally killed one of his first caretakers. He couldn't speak or fully understand language yet (he was still very, very young), but the reaction he showed to what had happened made them think of Alyosha Karamazov. Even though they saw it purely through body language, it was obvious he felt horrible about it.

I think that while Marcus would have been aware that Alyosha was Devidian as a matter of record, he wouldn't have been able to distinguish him from a baseline Human, and it would probably have been something which barely registered to him, as Alyosha would pose no threat to his existence.
Alyosha would definitely appreciate that, to be treated normally.

I don't think she would be the kind to turn up hungover, but I think it's well known on the Valkyrie that she is not someone to challenge to a drinking competition If her clearance allowed, she would probably find Alyosha's feeding device to be an interesting piece of technology.
Cardassians have a pretty strong constitution, when it comes to being able to hold their alcohol, or metabolize other drugs. And I would imagine Meliden is still Cardassian underneath her now-human appearance.

And I'd imagine that device would be interesting to her--especially if it was in any way a forerunner to the bioneural tech we later saw in VOY and STO.

I think the fact that he tried to do that, is what sets him apart from his biological kinsmen, and will always make him the more evolved being
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