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Actually, relativistic time differences due to orbital speed and local gravity would be quite minimal and could be kept in sync via subspace transmissions from a computer network designed to calculate the variables much in the way GPS satellites do today. The very slight differences could only be detected by an observer through very sensitive equipment. Also, a ship moving at warp is technically not moving at all, the space around it is, so they would be unaffected by time dilation due to high speed.

The fact is the TOS writers just made these dates up because they had no way to know how huge, and anal retentive, a fan base they would have one day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that time itself works differently in an MMO setting than in a linier story line. We are all in the same "now" at every point in the game and when you complete a mission you are not doing it in real time, progressing into the game's future, so much as adding these events to your backstory. Put another way, suppose a mission takes place over a week of "game time." the player doesn't vannish from the gamne for a week, rather that week is counted as already having taken place once the mission is completed.

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