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02-26-2013, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
PvP unlocks and items gained through a PvP System should only be usable in PvP scenarios. A lot of MMOs have PvE restricted equipment and PvP restricted equipment.

If the gear unlocked via the PvP rep system is usable for PvE I'm sure we'll see another rise in AFKers or Suiciders who are only in the PvP match for the free rep to bvuy new shiny stuff to "Lol I'm Kirk/ Picard" borg with.
That makes about as much sense as Romulan Reputation rewards only being useful for Romulan missions. The AFK problem needs to be solved period regardless of any new reputation system.

You are basically saying, "we shouldn't lower the speed limit to improve safety on this road because it will lead to more people speeding," when you should be saying, "let's stop the speeders by enforcing the law or installing speed mitigation devices."