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02-26-2013, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
1) I'm not the one suggesting that markedly superior gear be segregated in one specific type of reputation/content area solely because I like that content area
Yes, you did- post # 2
So please, explain to me how criticizing one person for wanting his toys to be made the shiniest and then turning around and demanding the exact same thing isn't utterly hypocritical?
As for criticizing one person, I think your mistaken. You should really re-read the thread and consider that I was carrying on 3 different conversations with 3 different posters.
daramuss wants no PvP rep system at all, you and marshalericdavid want to keep the gear segregated and PvP gear less effective against AI.

Not once, anywhere in this thread did I criticize anyone for their view, tho different than my own. Tho I did say I wanted PvP gear to be 'top tier' since it IS against opponents that actually fight back I can now see where you think I'm being hypocritical.

So be it.
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