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02-26-2013, 01:42 PM
And not to mention the rediculously stupid and fast levelling curve, so everybody reaches max rank in a few days of power gaming and don't even bother to learn their classes properly anymore.

I was in an elite infected ground and 4 of us were wiped by rebecca in no-time and our sci finished the battle solo, healing herself and managing to reduce rebecca from the 85% of health she had left - true story, also ive been in cure ground with a fantastic healer and the most armek reduced any of us to was 90% hp.

My point being if people actually took the time to learn the strengths of their classes and their skills, we wouldn't have dps-fests all over. IMHO classes need rethinking and a major overhaul and the levelling curve needs sorting out - the reason given was lack of content, but we have had a lot of content since then and more coming in S8, its about time little things like this were sorted out

Just my two cents