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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
Another thing to keep in mind is that time itself works differently in an MMO setting than in a linier story line. We are all in the same "now" at every point in the game and when you complete a mission you are not doing it in real time, progressing into the game's future, so much as adding these events to your backstory. Put another way, suppose a mission takes place over a week of "game time." the player doesn't vannish from the gamne for a week, rather that week is counted as already having taken place once the mission is completed.
This is why I avoid using stardates in Foundry missions, unless they're official ones used in the shows and movies. When a player picks up a Foundry mission, their stardate is completely different from the next player's stardate. Maybe someday when they allow us to link quests, or they do a dialog string like [CurrentDate] or something like that, it'll make more sense.

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