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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
These projects need to grant base XP.
That's not a bad idea. Can't be too much XP, I suppose, but at 100 XP per project it might work, if Cryptic's not completely married to the idea of having to finish at least one subsection's tier X before you get corresponding base upgrade. I think they needn't be. At least for the starbase, those things bring enough incentives of their own to still get done. The embassies have a bit less ground to cover (six subtiers minimum instead of thirteen) so the impact there'd be bigger. Though it'll be more than a few more months before there'll have been enough embassy projects to make that dent. And in the meanwhile, really... two million dilithium for a 1000 starbase or embassy XP would hardly feel to me like I was robbing Cryptic.

Other than that, as for the cost of the projects, they could go for a middle ground. We already have Embassy provisions in our replicator. Add Fleet Entertainment provisions (needs better name). Require 2000 for the project. Make them replicatable at 1000 FC a piece from your replicator, maybe with % drops for the industrial replicator, and put them in the D-store for a flat 100 dilithium a piece (no discounts). Same potential for Dilithium outflow (200K), but with a technically more costly alternative for those who have more FC than they know what to do with.

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