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02-26-2013, 02:55 PM
All they have to do to correct the class.


1) Return the power drain mechanics to there properly balanced and working ways. Escorts will all energy SHOULD require at least 1 EPS unit. (this change will make EPS transfer look godly... and give Nadion a true reason to exist.)

2) Take the toys given to everyone else that does Nadions Job AWAY... change the 2 piece proc on the borg toys... and change the Marion Doff.

3) Half the effect given by both Starship Warp Core Efficency... and the Warp core potential. (this again would make EPS looks like a good skills again)

4) The idea of making MW and RSF castable is a good one... if people are ignoring the healer give them the ability to use there self buffs on the team... this would likely get the other team to focus the healer after they cast em on someone... I like that mechanic. As far as Engi Fleet... yes it is the worst of the 3 options... perhaps now that the Human boffs leadership traits work, they could work a hull regen rate boost into it... I think that would bring it into line with the other 2.
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