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02-26-2013, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The cooldown changes made to Pounce and Lunge still allow a Ferasan or Caitian Tactical Captain to fire both abilities with 100% more frequency than any other species. Each already had a 12-second cooldown. The shared 6-sec cooldown allows you to still activate this rotation of powers at double the rate that any other Tactical captain can manage.

Both powers are high-damage melee attacks which bypass a large portion of the targets' shields, and then knock them to the ground causing them to be unable to act for several seconds. While at the same time placing the user in prime position for maximum-efficiency attacks from Pulsewaves, or additional shield-bypassing melee attacks.

The ability to use them back-to-back for chain stuns and massive shield-bypassing damage, while simultaneously gaining advantageous positioning, was determined to be imbalanced for both PvP -AND- PvE. Rather than reduce the effectiveness of the abilities themselves, we chose to limit their use, allowing opponents a window of opportunity to react before suffering a second strike from this powerful ability.

To be frank, it probably won't change much, if anything. Pounce/Lunge is still one of the best tools in a Tactical officer's arsenal, and the Felinoid species still retain dominance in their ability to use it frequently and effectively.
When why not make an adjustment to the Energy Whip also? I have been personally cheaped out by this things stun effect lasting longer than it takes the opponent to fire off another shot. Seriously though, you guys cherry pick crap to fix and ignore things that really could use a change.